Book Moxy is a fully functional book marketplace where authors can upload and sell their books, and readers can download and read them. But you’re not here for another marketplace that offers the same functionality as every other marketplace out there. Your’re here to see if Book Moxy is finally the marketplace that you’ve been wanting ever since the start of the new book publishing revolution.

The good news is even in beta Book Moxy is doing more for authors and readers than any other book marketplace on the web, and we plan on doing more throughout our beta and beyond.

We have many functional tools currently available, and many more yet to be finished. Through our beta program we will test the current functionality, as well as build upon it. We are asking for beta testers to help us strengthen, and broaden our tool-sets.

Read through our features below, and discover why you’ll want to become a beta tester.

For Authors

What's Now

  1. Create your own book shop
  2. Keep more of your profits
  3. Your own personal blog
  4. Personal posts can be published to Book Moxy Articles
  5. Except PayPal and/or Credit Cards
  6. Communicate directly with fans using our social tools
  7. Know exactly who your customers are
  8. Free book promotion tools
  9. Affordable book promotion tools
  10. Link to books on external sites
  11. Join Writing Groups

What's coming

  1. Deliver eBooks to any customer device at their click of a button
  2. Promote books through Book Moxy email recommendation engine
  3. Market books through Community ads
  4. Sell Books through Ad Network (external ad network)
  5. Build email list within bookmoxy

For Readers

What's Now

  1. Get three different eBook file formats with each purchase
  2. Read eBook on any device
  3. Your own personal Blog
  4. Personal posts can be published to Book Moxy Articles
  5. Communicate directly with your favorite authors
  6. Get author/book updates
  7. Join reading groups

What's coming

  1. Emailed book recommendations based on purchases
  2. Auto load eBooks on any device at the click of a button
  3. Subscribe to author email list

What's in it for you?

In addition to all the great tools you’ll help build, and consequently the warm fuzzy’s you’ll feel, your Book Moxy transaction fees will be waived for the duration of your participation in the beta program.


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