Why is Book Moxy an important Marketplace? Let me explain.

It’s been a while since Amazon started the eBook revolution that changed the world of book publishing in a significant way. With it’s easy to use eBook marketplace, and new hi-tech e-reader they were able to bring the giant bookstores and the big six, which is now the big five, to their wobbly knees. They made books easier to purchase, easier to read, and a whole hell of a lot easier to sell. Authors, many of whom were rejected by the traditional publishing houses, flocked to Amazon in droves.

This revolution was good for authors and it was good for readers. It was bad for giant book stores like Borders, which went out of business, and Barnes & Noble who is still wobbling from that mean right cross delivered by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Joined by Apple, these mega bookstores tried beating Amazon at their own game and lost big resulting in the merger of the two biggest publishing houses Random House and Penguin. They decided to go big in order to keep fighting their new behemoth foe. What they don’t realize is that they changed their tactics, but not their strategy. They lost playing Amazons game, and they’re still playing, therefore still losing.

Now i’m sure your’e wondering why the recap of historical events that you already know well enough? Because in order to make you understand why Book Moxy is an important marketplace, I need you to remember. Why is it that Ultra large bookstores who once put small bookstores out of business by the thousands, now face extinction? Why is it that these and other large corporations have tried and failed at competing with Amazon? To understand the answer to those questions, you have to look at how Amazon came to own the eBook market, the audio-book market, and even a large chunk of the paperback/hard cover market. They disrupted the industry. They changed the game.

So, how is Book Moxy going to disrupt the industry, and why should anyone care? After all Amazon has done so many great things for readers and authors. Amazon has definitely changed the game for the better, but there are limitations as to what such a large company can do before shareholders and board members become angry that the bottom line isn’t increasing rapidly enough. In fact there are certain things they simply cannot do. These things have become pain-points for Independent authors and traditional authors alike, and the pain grows every time Amazon changes it’s policies, or pricing structures.

One giant pain point that no other marketplace has resolved, is allowing authors to know who there customers are. Why don’t they give up this information? Because it’s extremely lucrative. Knowing who your customers are directly after the sale allows you to build a relationship with them and turn them into ambassadors. Not only can you sell more books to your newly gained ambassadors, but they will sell your books to others.

Another pain-point we have addressed is Book pricing and sales. With Amazon you can’t put your book on sale without going exclusive. There are also penalties for setting certain prices. We do none of that. You can set your prices as you wish, and put your book on sale any time for as long as you wish without penalties, or higher charges.

There are many other pain-points we have addressed like giving more money to authors than any other marketplace. To see them all, go here.


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