Create An Ad


How To

Adzones are areas on our site that have ad space you can purchase to promote your books. Each Adzone has it’s own statistics so you can track the effectiveness of that space for your ad (book).

The Adzones on the front page are filtered by category and placed next to their matching, categorized rows of published books. This gives your book ad excellent exposure among readers looking for books in a specified category.

After selecting an Adzone the window will expand to show a form and a yellow header at the top. This header contains settings that are specific to the selected Adzone which are as follows.

Selected Adzone

Banner Size (Minimized)

Estimated Impressions

Available/Total Ad slots in Adzone


‘Buy Now’ button (disabled until Adzone details are saved)

After selecting the Adzone you desire, you’ll need to fill in your credit card information. Pretty self explanatory.

Personal Info: Add your name and email address.

Banner: The Banner is basically your book. Or more specifically, your book cover which represents your book in the ad.

Banner name = Book Title

Banner link = The path to your book in your shop. Yes you can use an external link here to point to another marketplace, however you should know that you will get more bang for your buck if the link points to your book in your bookmoxy shop. Also if the link is external, it will be converted to a bookmoxy affiliate link.

Banner upload = Book cover upload. You’ll get the best results if your cover size is 600 x 900 or greater. Your cover will be resized for site efficiency so If your cover image is smaller than 600 x 900, the quality could be compromised.

When you click Save Details at the bottom, the buy now button at the top will be enabled.