When readers buy books from a marketplace, whose customers are they, the marketplace’s or the vendor’s?

Book Moxy is a fully functional book marketplace, where vendors (authors) can upload books at any price point they decide without penalty. Vendors can also put their books on sale any time and for any duration. The biggest difference between us and our competition is that vendors own their customers, not Book Moxy. Any author out there who has sold books on other marketplaces knows the value of this difference.

Authors, Imagine knowing exactly who bought your book immediately after a sale. You’ll not only be able to communicate with that reader through our community, but you’ll be able to add them to an email list controlled by you. They are after all, your customer.

When author’s sign up to become vendors on our site, they become customers of Book Moxy. It works the same on any other book marketplace. However, when someone joins our site as a reader and buy’s a book by a particular author, that person becomes a customer of that author. This is a dramatic difference and is simply not done by any other book marketplace.

Why? Because it is extremely valuable information. As an author, knowing exactly who my readers are allows me to not only build a relationship with them, creating true fans, but it also opens up re-marketing options, and helps me understand who’s buying my books. Marketing efforts become far more efficient, and less expensive.

So you may be wondering why it is that we relinquish this extremely valuable information. I’m an author, and I built this site for me. It’s exactly the kind of book marketplace I was looking for, but couldn’t find.

Book Moxy is full of these kinds of considerations for authors as well as readers. You can read more about those, or find out for yourself by registering.


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